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ANCIENTS XIV crossbody bag

$60.00 USD - $90.00 USD
ANCIENTS XIV crossbody bag

restocked by popular demand! new chains are available for the preorder period only!

these are expected to ship by late april/early may, items purchased with it will ship at the same time!


introducing my very self-indulgent on brandTM project: amaurotine crossbody bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- if you would like the other colour chain/strap (ie. you want dynamis chain & also the white bag) PLEASE let me know in the buyer's comments, otherwise I will go to the default choice for either bag!

- if you're interested in the bag strap ONLY, please head over to here:

- these will charge a separate shipping charge to cover any requirement in shipping - bags are HEAVY and packages often go over the 1lb threshold of economy shipping, hence the separate ship profile. if there is overage i will refund!

- EU/UK etsy mirror: