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ffxiv bard enamel set

$6.00 USD - $23.00 USD
ffxiv bard enamel set

2.5" gold enamel pin incorporating the three song rotation of bards from ffxiv & their gauge motifs!

please double check which style (brooch set vs. single enamel) & what song/jewel colour you'd like! (note the glued jewel color differences for brooch vs. single)

the brooch set will include:
- jewelled 'song' pin
- 3x gold chains + music note charms
- 2x rubber caps

if you would like to switch out the 'song' jewel pin, you can add the "ALL 3 SONGS" option into your cart! these will include a clasp on the chain & the other 2 song pins. you can only buy all 3 or pick 1!